Your Strategic Partner in Virtual Production

One Set Studio brings the world to your fingertips. Whether it's recreating historical sites for educational content, simulating different geographic climates for environmental studies or illustrating urban development proposals anywhere in the world, our virtual production capabilities can manifest these scenarios with unparalleled realism. We offer not just a tool, but a pathway to foster better understanding, increased transparency and more engaged communication with your audiences. With One Set Studio, the entire world is your stage, and cost-efficient communication is your reality.


Cost Efficiency

Minimize the expenses and logistical challenges associated with location shooting, set construction, and post-production VFX work.


Safety and Control

Shoot in a controlled environment, free from the unpredictability of outdoor elements or remote locations.



Reduce the environmental footprint associated with traditional film sets, location changes, and transport.


Creative Flexibility

The ability to control backgrounds and lighting conditions on the fly means more freedom for directors and cinematographers.


IP Protection

The ability to shoot practically in any location imaginable allows your valuable IP to be kept secure and out of the public eye.

Awards? We got 'em! 

One Set Studio's video and virtual reality work has garnered numerous creative awards, including 20 Tellys—a global competition honoring excellence in video and television.

Experience You Can Trust

One Set Studio—a Public Strategies initiative—is a powerhouse of talent. With 40+ years of combined production experience, we've become a trusted name in the industry, recognized by over a dozen national awards. Whether handling large-scale film productions or intimate ad campaigns, we approach every project with unparalleled passion and precision. In a world of fleeting visuals, we pride ourselves on crafting lasting experiences. When you collaborate with us, you're entrusting your vision to a team dedicated to bringing it to life with expertise, passion and creativity.