Empowering Your Vision

One Set Studio offers an extensive suite of technical, creative, and production services, crafted to assist clients in delivering visually stunning projects for virtual production and beyond.


Video captures and captivates, delivering powerful messages in moments. It's the quintessential tool for businesses aiming to truly connect with their audience.

Film & TV

With our cutting-edge virtual production technology, immerse your actors in lifelike environments, surpassing traditional green screen limits while optimizing your budget and timeline.


Storytelling elevates brands beyond mere transactions, forging deep emotional ties with consumers. Compelling narratives build trust, authenticity and loyalty in today's competitive landscape.

Broadcasting & Webinars

From traditional webinars to fully virtual events, elevate your broadcast with our state-of-the-art technology. Engage audiences with unmatched interactivity, no matter where they are in the world.

Social Media

Engage your followers in a blink. Video's power to captivate makes it indispensable for social media, where messages must resonate quickly and deeply to stand out in a bustling feed.


Bring life to live events, from immersive e-sports competitions and intimate Q&A panels to breakout sessions at film festivals. Our technology ensures each moment is memorable, engaging, and seamlessly executed.


Transform your e-learning with next-level courses. Craft training modules that captivate and educate, while offering unparalleled engagement and depth for every learner.