Advanced Technology, New Realities

One Set′s pioneering virtual production studio leverages cutting-edge technology to transform the traditional video content creation process. By integrating real-time visual effects, augmented reality, and real-time rendering technology, One Set creates immersive, high-quality video content.


Our video technology provides movement and shots on par with major motion film production. One Set′s fully virtual production capable studio boasts a 40′ by 13′ LED wall and a 9.8′ x 9.8′ articulating LED ceiling. This advanced technology allows clients to see their products being developed in real time, which can save time and money on post-production.


Powered by Disguise′s cutting-edge technology and complemented by the precise camera tracking of RedSpy, the studio can seamlessly blend live action with virtual elements in real-time. This convergence of technology empowers creators to craft deeply immersive visuals, revolutionizing storytelling by melding the tangible authenticity of on-set filming with the boundless possibilities of the digital world. It′s a space where the lines between reality and digital artistry blur, unlocking new horizons for filmmakers and audiences alike.

Gear + Equipment



40-Foot-Wide Curved LED Wall

A large canvas, providing immersive backdrops and dynamic set pieces for any type of production. This expansive wall can serve as a window to virtually any environment, replacing the need for practical set pieces or green screens.

3 Meter Squared LED Ceiling

Enhance your shoots with natural overhead lighting or thematic ceiling visuals. The ceiling works in tandem with the LED wall to ensure a seamless and consistent virtual environment.


Technology Backbone

Powered by Disguise

Leverage the power and reliability of Disguise's world-class line of products. Renowned for their stability, real-time performance and integrative capabilities, the Disguise system ensures One Set Studio stands at the forefront of virtual production technology.

Crafted in Unreal Engine

Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5, One Set Studio brings your vision to life with unparalleled realism.

Cutting-Edge Camera

Tracking System

RedSpy by Stype

Elevate your filming process with RedSpy, a world-leading camera tracking system. This provides the capability for dynamic camera movements, while the background visuals react in real-time, creating a flawless blend of virtual and real elements. Your audience will be hard-pressed to tell where reality ends and the virtual begins.


Visual Clarity

Pixel Pitch of 2.5mm

The LED wall boasts a detailed pixel pitch of 2.5mm, ensuring razor-sharp visuals and bringing a new dimension of realism to your production. Wherever you're looking to transport your audience to, every detail will be rendered with astounding clarity.